Changing sensivity randomly improves your AIM? Hammer thrower Murofushi might say yes

Chaning the sensitivity will improve your AIM

In this Reddit post Science says you should change your Sensitivity it is being discussed that changing the sensitivity frequently will improve your aiming. The scientific background are shown which basically says changing the sensitivity will be a brand new experience for your muscle and brain which gives you a chance to avoid staying the same level. People may believe that changing the sensitivity resets the muscle memory but the scientific facts say no.

In this post, I will show you an example in other area, of changing will improve the skill.

Murofushi’s Hammerobics

Who is Murofushi? He is a very famous Japanese athlete who won the Olympics in Hammer throw and has the 4th longest throw in the human history as of 2019. Unlike other throwers, he is short and small. His tall is less than 190cm and the weight is less than 100kg. To throw further, his training therory is very unique.

One of the unique training in his theory is called Hammerobics.

In squat in the ordinary sense, only the plates are set on the barbell but he adds pair of hammers, 7kg each on the both sides. This gives the weight of the barbell some randomness as Hammers swing. Then the theory says this changes every movements in the squat into brand new experience to the muscle and brain which leads to steady growth.