PSA method refined

PSA method is a well-known method of finding the optimal aiming sensitivity in shooter games. The original PSA method The PSA method is originally explained in a community thread and later populated by this video. The core concept is binary-search the best sensitivity. You start with the basic sensitivity where you can turn 180 by one mouse sweep. Let call this sensitivity A. Next you calculate B=1.5 x A, C=0.5 [Read More]


FPSにおけるセンシ調整法としてもっとも知られている PSAメソッドですが、一つの動画が起源となって広まったものと認識しています。 そして、もし [Read More]


PSAの普及 最近、私のブログや動画がPSAというワードで検索されることが多いです。 ツイッターでぐぐっても、PSAについて着目している人が見つ [Read More]

Changing sensivity randomly improves your AIM? Hammer thrower Murofushi might say yes

Chaning the sensitivity will improve your AIM In this Reddit post Science says you should change your Sensitivity it is being discussed that changing the sensitivity frequently will improve your aiming. The scientific background are shown which basically says changing the sensitivity will be a brand new experience for your muscle and brain which gives you a chance to avoid staying the same level. People may believe that changing the [Read More]